Bishop Don Meares
Known for his great character, integrity and wisdom, Bishop Don Meares is an international speaker, pastor, author, and successful entrepreneur. His life changing messages will encourage, inspire and motivate the pursuit of purpose and destiny in God.

Our Leadership
Committed to serving the people at Evangel Cathedral, our leaders continually dedicate their time, gifts and talents to the broader community, our congregation and to accomplishing the ongoing vision of this pioneering institution. Evangel’s leadership -- here to serve you.


Pioneering, Mentoring and Modeling
in the Spirit of Excellence

Evangel Cathedral is a PIONEERING Church…
We are called to be a trailblazer in the Body of Christ in the areas of worship, fine arts, music and special events.

Evangel Cathedral is a Church that MODELS

We are called to raise up leaders, ministers, and the next generation to be effective witnesses in their communities and to fulfill their personal destiny.

Evangel Cathedral is a Church of EXCELLENCE…
We are called to excellence in serving the Body of Christ by demonstrating the vision of our Church.

As a multi-cultural family of believers, Evangel Cathedral is called to help our members experience ongoing growth in their personal relationships with Jesus Christ and to grow together as a corporate body into the image of Christ. Our mission is to present a visible demonstration of the love of God first to one another and then to our neighbors, communities, the marketplace and the world.

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